Styrax Resin - Liquidambar Styraciflua

Sku: STXR55693

Styrax Resin - Liquidambar Styraciflua

Sku: STXR55693
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Styrax Resin - Liquidambar Styraciflua 

The properties of Styrax resin have been recognized for centuries; known to Greek sages, Arab scholars and Indian physicians.

Type: incense

 Ingredient: : 100% pure organic 

Use: burning as for aromatic, medicinal uses

Product grade: high quality

Styrax resin wards off negativity, attracts luck and promotes healing

Burning it allows you to "reset" its aura

Used in perfumery for its intense aroma

Styrax comes from a tree known as "Liquidambar Styraciflua"  A liquid amber called “Liquidambar balm” is extracted from its wood and fruits. This was used as chewing gum by the Cherokee Indians, as well as in traditional medicine . This substance is often used in healing magick and in certain types of earthwork practices.

For many peoples, it is a sacred resin with powerful powers...

In ancient Greece, styrax resin was the source of many remedies. Classical authors like Pliny the Elder, Herod or Aristotle speak of it in some of their works.

Later, from the 8th century, many Arab scholars praised the amazing properties of styrax, a plant which according to them "acted on the body and the mind".

This almost magical substance has been known for a very long time in Indian culture where it is used to stimulate the root chakra. This has the particular effect of increasing our vital energy and our anchoring.

Nowadays, stryrax is mainly used in perfumery for its intense, long-lasting and above all very pleasant aroma.

Its physical properties also make it central to many traditional remedies.

Styrax repel negativity and promote healing.

Burning styrax resin in a room and then meditating on it is a great way to “reset” your aura and energy.